Stackable Thumb’s “Grant Me The Krammer Chuck”

nine minutes, stereo/color, 1998
Stackable Thumb were:
Valued Cu$tomer
Naval Cassidy

“A double exposure of two simultaneous revolutionary improvs. Naval tests the impact of centrifugal forces on various objects on his vari-speed motor while Valued rolls his own hand cranked Kitchen Magician to impel other things in circles. These actions take on different import as the video progresses: hypnotism, spin-art, basement voodoo rituals. As the experiment closes, the results are conclusive: meaning can be uncoupled from form with sufficient spin.”

Starting in the mid 1990s, instant cinema duo Stackable Thumb were active for about ten years during the burgeoning live video performance scene of New York City. They were known for their over-the-top shows featuring a dizzying assortment of trash as the subject for their miniature cameras. They preferred cheap electronics and spy cameras over expensive mixing consoles and other broadcast apparatus, 8 bits over 16+ sound, and vaudeville over serious “art work.” Anything could be a subject in front of Stackable Thumb’s camera. To them, absurdity was everywhere they looked. They gleefully displayed it for all to see.